21 Day Summer Body Starts Soon

There’s good news here in New York City. We’ve finally made it to Spring. I’m not sure what to call the interim season we just went through following Winter–the rainy, chilly, humid, 80 degree and 50 degree span of weeks.
No matter, Spring is gonna be as long as it takes you to snap.

So let’s talk Summer.

It’s fast approaching and you know what that means: moonlit outdoor cafes, Saturday afternoon swim parties, and white spaghetti-strap dresses.

Are you ready for a gloriously, confident summer?

Don’t panic. You’ve got time. Twenty-one days, to be exact.
I’m gonna give you a checklist that’ll bring your body, health, and fitness into the summer peacefully.

Beginning on June 1, I’ll be giving you an action each day till June 21st to help you lose weight and create a summer body.



By June 21st, you’ll have 21 habits and actions to implement over the months of the season. And if you continue to implement the 21 actions after summer ends, you’ll keep seeing awesome results of improved health and body confidence.

See you here on June 1st for day 1.



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