Are you missing a key?

Yes, I’m talking to myself… but I’m thinking’ bout you

People ask me what the key is to losing the weight and keeping it lost.

There isn’t a key. There’s a KEY CHAIN. How many keys are on the KEY CHAIN? Many.

Some folks choose to focus solely on exercise and never change their eating habits. Okay. If you have low body-fat to begin with, that might work to lean you out, but health might become an issue.

Then they are the folks that only “diet” or restrict their eating WITHOUT adding an exercise ritual. NNNN! 

They will miss out on the VIGOROUS BREATH. They will miss the opportunity to elevate their minds and reach the highs of natural inspiration because they skip the VIGOROUS BREATH. 

They’ll miss out on the high that magnetizes good vibes for a whole day because they skip the VIGOROUS BREATH.

They miss out on moving life force throughout their amazing body. They are missing the point. They’ve lost a key. They’ve lost several of them.

The many keys on the KEY CHAIN to lasting health and fitness, increased confidence and inspiration, high energy and good vibrations inside and out include: 
VIGOROUS BREATHING (breath that comes from passionate effort), 
resistance training, 
flexibility training, 
eating that supports your activity and age (not general dieting), 
and journaling.

Don’t misplace your KEYS.

(And yes, I talk to myself sometimes…but I’m thinkin’ bout you.)

Michelle Bernard

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