Fuel up to get that body. Diva up, Diva.

Michelle Bernard, fitness and lifestyle enthusiast

Diva up, Diva. 

A diva believes in her daydreams.

A diva acts like she deserves to be covered with glitter and stars.

A diva radiates so much jazz, she makes you come alive. 

If you want to transform that body-ody-ody, diva up, Diva.

Listen, if your internal turntable is playing a sad, pissed-off record about how you hate your werkout, hate your body, and hate your life, you cannot lose weight or get healthy. You will never have a body that is not also your mind and your spirit. They are one.

Nasty thoughts on yourself create excess cortisol (stress hormone) which can make you fat. Inner nastiness lowers your energy and a low calibration of energy makes you sick if it becomes chronic. 

Even fighting somebody over “your spot” in your exercise class, hating the person who keeps touching your pinky finger in the crowded yoga class, and threatening to key the car of the person you’re arguing with over who got to the spinning bike first… this ain’t healthy, mama. 

Diva up.

The Diva: She smiles. She shines. She connects. She chooses possibility (over probability).

She is you.



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