From the Michelle Bernard bodybuilding archives

My grainy vid from year 2000 in New York

I found old dvds—20 years ago I won two bodybuilding shows. Blew my mind because I used to eat family-sized portions of pasta and packages of raw cookie dough. 

In high school I couldn’t lift my legs off the floor.

You can change your path. But only when you surround yourself with people and places that align with your mission. 

•Find good teachers that make your heart enthusiastic. 

•Prepare your home with a morning ritual and food that revs up your self awareness and inspires the fervor to live with a purpose. 

•I posted pictures of my aim. My locker at the gym looked like it belonged to a dude. I taped about 40 pictures of Monica Brant in bikinis all over it. 

•To reach a mountainous goal you need to know yourself. Know what distracts you and know what rings your bell. 

Ask me anything about your fitness goal. Ask me anything🏆

I wanna know you🌺 💋Michelle

If you take my classes, you know what we say:

love your body and love somebody else

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