Happiness is a choice.

happiness is your choice

I’ve been leaving breadcrumbs that mark my path to feeling good. I’ve never felt as good as lately.

This is the last 5 of the 50 reasons I’ve turned an emotional corner. I had to think long to come up with 5 more reasons. Mostly it’s because I simply had to tweak a few things and raise my eyebrows to a new perspective to get to this state of long-lived fulfillment.

You can look back at the last 10 posts to see what’s under this happy-hood of mine. I’m sure I’ve written things that’ll make you smile. Isn’t that the point?

Here we go.

46. I changed my idea of happiness.

The word HAPPINESS has become FULFILLMENT to me.

47. I rarely complain for the sake of being (remaining) pissed.

If Whenever I do complain, I immediately look to my left for a solution–any solution that will give me peace or help me see my situation from a new perspective.

48. I live by my personal mission: If you spend time with me, you will leave feeling better than when you came.

I wanna listen. I wanna hear you. I wanna let you feel cherished and seen. I wanna connect. I wanna tell you: YOU CAN. I wanna tell you: Go forward.

I see myself, I see you.

I am me because of you. Nelson Mandela said that. Yep. I am me because of you.

49. Coffee. I just love it.

It’s good for you/it’s bad for you. They can’t figure it out. It’s bulletproof, it’s contaminated.

To me, it’s my soulmate when I journal, write books, read, walk through the city, talk to my brothers at the kitchen table when I visit. Coffee must be good for me. I just love it.

50. I live like I could die one day.

I have little time to waste. You too.

We are all gonna… you know, croak. I realized this early. I lost my loved ones when I was a young woman.

Not only did I mourn over losing them, but I mourned what they might have lost: TIME. OPPORTUNITIES. DREAMS.

I know I’ve got time (now), opportunities (which is another way of saying: COURAGE), and dreams (to live in every city I love, to teach women around the world, to live in an artist’s loft in paradise, to share my wild with as many people as possible).

I live every day without letting fear choke my time, opportunities, or dreams.

Won’t you join me.

Come alive. It’s a blast.


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