Happy into the year

I’ve been busy. Clearly.

The remaining 10 items I’m adding to my 50 ways to happy are definitely worth presenting.

Actually, having time between turning 50 and getting closer to 51 has clarified the last 10 reasons for my happy. I really want you to think about these next 5 items and consider how they impact your life and fulfillment.

Here we go.

5 words that embody my way of living a happier life.


I teach exercise to 100s of women (and dudes) every week. They are not just faces and bodies to me. I learn their names, listen to their life stories, vault their secrets. Being connected to other people is how I see my life as valuable past an egocentric lie.

My connection to my students and clients has deepened my ability to feel and love. It has increased my empathy. It has shortened my distance to loneliness. It has increased my ability to feel love and know that I am loved.


Michelle Bernard: the D word from Michelle Bernard on Vimeo.


Okay, here’s the deal. I welcome DISCIPLINE and COMMITMENT because I am terrified of REGRET.

I don’t own any REGRET. I’d rather be scared than regretful. I’d rather be overwhelmed and busy than regretful. I’d rather be humiliated than regretful. I know how that sounds.

Humiliation really sucks. But humiliation doesn’t last as long as regret. People remember the energy you bring forth in your/their now more than the stuff you put in front of them in the past.

44. NOW

Live in the now and plan for the future.

Regret gets a lot of air when you stand craning your neck over your shoulder.

Look forward. Dream yourself totally alive. Journal your goals. See them fulfilled.

Your now-steps will move with pep. Try it.


Your imagination can penetrate your reality. It always does.

Whatever you rehearse the most in your mind, you will make your reality.

I know this now.

If you don’t know it, pay attention to the images, beliefs, and outcomes you keep rehearsing.

You can imagine your life amazing.

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