Michelle Bernard

Hello appetite. I’m Michelle.

When I first started training folks back in 1997, I knew little about food—what should my clients—- I mean what should I eat to lose weight?

There was way too much to know and it was so conflicting. Everybody had an opinion—every book, every community program… So, I asked a fellow trainer, “Why can’t I see my abs? Why can’t I get my legs toned?”

After he shamed me, he answered: You probably eat too many carbs (he meant sugar but back then we said carbs or high glycemic foods). Then he asked me a few questions.

•Yep, I ate after work which was 9:30 at night.

•Yep, I ate my lunch fast which usually consisted of a big wrap.

•Nope, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was eating every day.

Well no wonder… So I started tracking and journaling about what stuff I tended to reach for, what times I was prone to eat, and WHY. ‘Changed my life.

I realized I was feeding bored Michelle, hurried Michelle, worried Michelle, and don’t-waste-food humanitarian Michelle. I was not feeding fit Michelle or muscular Michelle or confident Michelle. 

Learning about myself changed how I saw myself and my body. It changed my level of commitment to my goals.


Get to know your lovely self, lady. This is a call to journal.


Witty conversation about your best pathway to leanness, darling.

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