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You are more than a body

Michelle Bernard, fitness and lifestyle enthusiast

I advise my clients to train at least 4 days a week, track food, and journal.

For some, this tracking load feels overwhelming, which I understand. When you’ve already got a busy life then you’re asked to go to the school of personal fitness in order to lose 10 pounds, it can feel stressful.

What’s MORE overwhelming (to me) is that society has taught us to compare ourselves to others, to be careful not to stand out, and to acquire a kind of juicy life that meets the “look” of success. 

How’s that workin’ out…? Well, from conversations I’ve had, many people feel pretty dry inside.

School won’t tell you, society and tv won’t persuade you, and church might not clarify for you the fact that you are a body, a mind, AND a spirit. You MUST pay attention to all parts of YOU or you’ll forever feel strangely parched.

Journal with “mama” —that would be me🤓

Untame your mind through journaling. Listen to your spirit through journaling. Understand what your body wants through journaling. 

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I wanna know you🌺

Michelle Bernard

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