Motivation is NOT dead: why you need to be motivated almost every day.

Come alive.

I have an OLD SCHOOL mentality that pulls me through.

It says–

Surround yourself with focused people.

Following your dreams will keep your mind healthy for a long time.

Transcend your doubt.

Imagine your best life and rehearse it the same way a child plays.

I didn’t learn to think that way by chance.

I didn’t learn to think that way by GOING WITH THE FLOW.

I learned by digesting good, healthy MOTIVATIONAL “food”

from OLD SCHOOL speakers like Wayne Dyer, Neville Goddard, Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, Brendon Burchard, David Goggins, and Paul Chek.

I believe you will live with your eyes open if you have motivational food fed, whispered, or screamed — Eric Thomas, I love you– into your ear.

Motivational methods will never die–


if you’ve done anything you didn’t think you could finish, you know it’s alive. Here’s to the motivational speakers.

Thank you.

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